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Sheldon Arvay has been a presenter the last 5 years for teacher conferences and conventions in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada.  Currently seven presentations are available for live presentation(s) or online/prerecorded sessions. All presentations are based on 21st century music education research based on Popular Music Education and/or Electronic ME-Music Technology. Please contact via this site for availability of presentations.

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Rock Band Class? Pop music education for the 21st century learner

In this hands-on session we will discuss setting up a rock band music class. Not the video game! For this, we will examine the program. Attendees will leave with the skills and resources to teach their students a well-known classic rock song. We will discuss the guitar, drum, bass and vocal parts for “Old time Rock n Roll” and tackle putting all the parts together so the students can perform it in their “bands”. Topics covered will be equipment needed, warmups, classroom routines and final assessment. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own guitars. Ten guitars will be available at the session for use. This session is ideal for band/choral teachers and teachers interested in starting popular music education programs at their school. Attendees will leave with resource links so they can implement these outcomes in their own classes.


Estudio…starting intermediate guitar students on the classical guitar

With the popularity of guitar programming in Canadian schools, this session is designed to show music educators (guitar players and non-players alike) how to start intermediate guitar students on the classical guitar. This hands-on session will use the piece “Estudio” as a teaching tool to discuss right hand fingerpicking, reading notation and musicality. Attendees will leave with resource links for pdfs, audio tracks and teaching tools to get this lesson going in their music classrooms.  Attendees are encouraged to bring their own guitars. Ten guitars will be available at the session for use. Please check out our website

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Kick Start!!! Your music program post Covid with Popular Musicv Education 

Covid has been devastating for many music programs! Many programs have not survived Covid restrictions or need to be rebuilt from scratch. Now is a good time to try something new and bring music education into the 21st century! This presentation discusses the trials of Covid for music programs and how it may be the right time to try something new at your school for music.


Bring your music class into the 21st century with SOUNDTRAP!

Soundtrap is an online cross-platform digital audio workstation for browsers that allows users to create music or podcasts. Soundtrap is a great online tool to supplementing learning in your band/choir class or it can be used as a standalone app for an electronic music class/option. Firstly, this session will show attendees how to use the  Soundtrap program and set up classes in the browser-based software. Secondly, we will discuss resources to offer an electronic music class for your school; likewise, how to Soundtrap to create unique projects for your band/choir students. Please check out our website

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