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Sheldon Arvay   



January  20- Whiskey Creek Med Hat-Runaway tribute

January 21- Langdon Firehouse Calgary- Runaway

February 8-12- Los Angeles- Global Eductors Conference

February 17- Voltage 177 Calgary- Macleod's Social House

March 4- Oilmens Taber- Runaway

March 9/10 - GS Lakie presents OZ- the Yates- Lethbridge

March 11- Voltage 177- Calgary- Women in Rock

March 18- Volatge 177- Border Crossing-Calgary

March 31- Voltage 177- Brickwell-Calgary

April 6-The Place Lethbridge- Runaway

April 7- The Place Lethbridge- Stage Fright

April 21- Dylan Wallace Band- Calgary- Whiskey Rose

April 29- Langdon Firehouse Calgary- Stagefright

May 6- Rock Revival Room-Regina-Runaway

May 13- Runaway- Jovi Tribute- Taber 

May 19- Runaway- Jovi Tribute- the Place lethbridge

May 20- Voltage 177- Calgary- Border Crossing

June 10- Stagefright- Bunkers- Edmonton

July 1- Voltage 177- King's Head- Calgary

July 28-Corn Stock-Runaway Opener for Toronto- Taber

August 4- Langdon Firehouse Calgary-Voltage 177

August 12- Runaway- Bunkers- Edmonton

August 25-Stage Fright- Cochrane AB

August 10- Duo Fuoco Classical Guitar-Festival Square Lethbr.

August 26- Taber Cornfest- StageFright

Fall 2023

September 21- Duo Fuoco-classical guitar- the Galt Museum

September 22- Stagefright/Live Wire the PLACE Lethbridge

October 13 and 14- Runaway- Fort Mac Casino

October 27- Stagefright/Live Wire trib. - Yellowhead Casino Edmonton

November 17- Runaway- Pure casino- Calgary

November 18- Stagefright- Pure casino-Calgary

November 24- Runaway- the PLACE Baseball Cab

November 25-Dylan Wallace Band Pure Casino Calgary

December 15-Dylan Wallace Band- Casino Lethbridge

December 16-Dylan Wallace Band- Casino Lethbridge

NEW Dylan Wallace Video


2022 Summer 
April 9- Stagefright/Live Wire  Fernie Alpine Resort
April 14-16 80's Rock Weekend Lethbridge
April 30- Stagefright Regina Rock Revival Room
May 14- Snakebite/Live Wire  Regina Rock Revival Room
June 3- Runaway Calgary Blind Beggar
June 17- Runaway Coaldale Kc's Pub
June 24- Runaway Edmonton Bunkers
July 11- Live Wire/Snakebite Calgary Blind Beggar
July 15 - StageFright  Calgary Blind Beggar
July 16- Stage Fright opening for TOQUE  Taber
July 23- Praire polooza- Live Wire and Stage Fright
July 29- Runaway/Stage Fright  Lethbridge The Place
August 13- Runaway Medicine Hat Whiskey Creek
September 17- Live Wire featuring Steve Mcqueen 
September 30th- Oilmens Club  Taber Bon Jovi

October 15th- The Black Tie Gala- RanchHouse Okotoks

October 22nd The PLACE Lethbridge  Runaway Bon Jovi Tribute

October 28th- KC's Pub Coaldale  Stage Fright DL Tribute

November 11- Bunkers Edmonton -Stagefright

November 12- Maclouds Social House Calgary Stagefright     

November 25-Voltage- Claudia Santiago-Brickwell Calgary

November 26-Acoustic-Claudia Santiago-The DockSide Calgary 

December 2-Claudia Santiago Border Crossing Calgary

December 3- Bon Jovi Tribute Bunkers- Edmonton

December 31- NYE Stagefright- the PLACE Lethbridge

New Dylan Wallace video "Summertime" shot in July Ck it out!!!

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